Coronavirus. Tech firms launched by Romanians supporting the community

We are living difficult times because of the spread of Coronavirus. and we need more than ever to join forces, try to help whenever we can, be responsible, attentive and supportive. Romanian companies are trying to get the best out of this situation. Moreover, 10 tech scaleups founded by Romanian entrepreneurs have decided to help and make available their technology.

1. Xvision 

Xvision startups offers its technology to help doctors identify the virus faster. We learned from Xvision that rapid diagnosis could be a weapon in the fight with this disease.

2. Ascendia

Ascendia launched the eLearning course on Covid-19, which can be used by companies and individuals for information. The company also launched the eLearning course on the Covid-19 fight plan. It is the continuation of the first course and is available to individuals and it only considers the actions that each family should take.

3. MEDIjobs

MEDIjobs has launched COVID-19 Hotline for medical recruitment. In order to meet the efforts of doctors and authorities, the firm has decided to support 100% free of charge the hospitals in urgent need of medical personnel, by connecting them with doctors or nurses who want to work voluntarily for a fixed period of time.

4. Hypersay

Founders of Hypersay education startup, Paul Balogh and Cristian live in London and they lanched Tech Against Coronavirus online platform. From London, two Romanian founders of the Hypersay startup have organized a list of products to be used for remote work. Their company, Hypersay, offers solutions through which teachers can make their hours more interesting, interact with students better and, why not, work remotely.


To limit the exposure of the medical staff to COVID-19 and to reduce the visits to the doctor for common health problems,, an online solution that offers remote medical information to people seeking an informed opinion, has started a mobilisation campaign to increase the availability of the 1,200 registered doctors on the platform and recommends joining as many new doctors as possible.

6. Pago

The Pago Founders offer users, for at least 30 days, free access to all the functionalities of the personal finance management application on the phone, to facilitate home payments, as a measure to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus.

7. Atlas

The Romanian e-learning startup Atlas offers free psycho-emotional support from licensed specialists.

8. Nextlab

For the home study, conducted a computer and robotics course with 7000 participants.

9. Adservio

The Adservio educational platform is offered free of charge to teachers, students and parents, by the end of this year, to ensure the continuity of the educational process, even from a distance.

10. Bittnet

Bittnet will provide free technology solutions over the next 6 months that will allow employees to work from home without causing significant disruption to daily operations as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Claudiu Vrinceanu
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