Romania is in the top 40 most developed country startup ecosystems

Romania is no longer leading the “Balkan Countries Club,” after decreasing 10 spots to 38th, according to StartupBlink study. The capital, Bucharest, is still the only Romanian city ranked in the top 100 list, after dropping 7 locations to 97th. Cluj-Napoca, the 2nd ranked Romanian city, has decreased over a hundred positions and now ranks 245th, which is a disappointing result for a city with so much potential.

Out of 8 Romanian cities on the list, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov, and Constanta have increased a few hundred spots each, supplying Romania with some great news for this rankings update.

For the country to rank higher, the main challenge will be to push Bucharest to a higher level in the top 100 club, and restore the potential of Cluj-Napoca, while hoping that other growing cities will continue their positive momentum. „Romanian entrepreneurs already enjoy improved infrastructure with one of the fastest internet connections; now they have to use it to build even more impressive startups, and we are confident they will“, according to StartupBlik research.

The selection methodology is based on StartupBlink’s own algorithm. The position of the city or country depends on the strength of the ecosystem, and the country – on the number of projects, their quality, and business environment.

More about StartupBlink study, in Romanian language.


Claudiu Vrinceanu
Lucrez în fiecare zi cu antreprenori și manageri din firme de tip startup și scaleup. Mii de fondatori si executivi care au nevoie de o voce puternică. Hai să-i ajutăm #împreună prin proiecte, consultanță, comunități și platforme prin care să schimbăm România.
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