CV Weekly: The Scale-Up and the Start-Up of the Week

What's affecting me, my clients, my projects, my colleagues and the Romanian global small business owners. In fact, a self-proclaimed «Ambassador of Romanian Entrepreneurs», like me, should start to promote regularly the Romanian Founders ;)). Welcome to CV Weekly (temporary name for this issue). Let's get straight to the main topics of this week.

The Scale-Up of the Week

  • Great news from UiPath, the Romanian Born Scaleup: UiPath partner companies will soon be able to apply for funding from a $20 million investment pool the robotic process automation software vendor has established. The company, based in New York, aims to accelerate RPA and AI adoption as it invests in its partners with an eye toward 2019. The investment dollars will be available from two funds: the UiPath Venture Innovation Fund and the UiPath Partner Acceleration Fund.
If you want to meet of the UiPath managers specialised in global markets, you are invited to Start-Up Bridge Meetup organised in Bucharest about a subject I am fascinated now: the internationalisation of Romanian Firms.

Start-Up of the Week

  • Druid, the Romanian start-up that develops virtual assistants for helping business managers in the decision-making process, is the subject of a strategic partnership with UiPath and Banca Transilvania, with the aim to integrate the automation and artificial intelligence solutions in the internal processes.

Investment & Fundraising

  • Techinfluence, a company specialized in digital marketing and social media market in Romania, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from  Sparking Capital, a Romanian venture capital fund of Business Angel type.

Quote of the Day

“We are at a time when the Romanian society is divided and we need themes to unite society. Internationalization, through the raise of regional business leaders, is a theme that produces value for everyone. They all have long-term gains,” said Iulian Stanciu, CEO of eMag, in the context of his involvement in Start-Up Bridge project.

Chart of the Day


Public Policy that made my week

Israel-based Modiin Entrepreneurs’ Startup Hub (MESH) will set up an India-Israeli Innovation Centre (IIIC) in Bengaluru, which will be its first startup incubation facility in India after the US, the UK and China. IIIC i Bengaluru is expected to be launched mid of December this year, which will be followed by two more such incubation facilities in India.

Who impressed me this week from the list of managers and entrepreneurs I work with

Andreia Patroiu, the co-founder of TalentBrowse, who told me in an one-to-one discussion that it took two years to get the first salaries, as founders, in the firm, and moreover, after the startup earned an investment of more than EUR 100,000 from GapMinder, the money went to the salary offered for the person in charge with the first foreign target market: Germany. That’s the spirit!

The Competition


Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have a project you believe in? Is it innovative and does it address a social or community challenge in your country or for your fellow citizens? Register and apply now. You could be the Startupper of the Year!*

*I am the Ambassadeur and Promoter of this nice competition

The Book

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think (published in Romanian by Publica)

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